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China Simulation Sciences Co.,Ltd.established in 2019 with the support of JuneYao Group.CSS focuses on technological innovation in the field of aviation,and is committed to becoming the world's advanced and domestic leading supplier of avation training simulation equipment.
CSS is technology-oriented,providing customers with competitive,safe and reliable products,solutions and services in flight simulator development,aviation personnel training,high-end entertainment and other fields.CSS focuses on the development and production of the highest level-D full-mis-sion flight simulator for civil aviation.And in the future,CSS will cover the development of multi-type aviation training simulators,including flight training device(FTD),maintenance training simulator(MTD),integrated procedure trainer(IPT),computer-based training system(CBT),etc.All products will promote the development of domestic aviation simulation technology.

Business advantage

Create value for customers


CSS works together with partners to provide airlines with safe, reliable and targeted aviation training simulation equipments, enrich the training methods of aviation personnel and reduce the cost.

Reduce aviation latent dangers and improve flight safety


CSS’s products range from multi-type low-end trainers to the highest level-D full-mission flight simulator, which can provide trainings on pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance personnel, improving the knowledge and skills of aviation personnel in an all-round way.

Provide customers with more product choices


The CSS self-developed level-D full-mission flight simulator has filled the gap of domestic high-end simulators, further promoting the development of domestic high-end flight simulators and providing customers with more product choices.

Corporate philosophy

CSS adheres to the belief of “Simulating the Peak, Simulating the Future”, constantly exploring the key technologies in the field of simulation; insisting on taking technology as the core, making long-term investment, and accumulating richly; insisting on customer demand oriented, continuously creating and innovating.

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